Check out my website for the Faculty Interest Group I lead on Getting Published, part of the series at the Kingsborough Center for Teaching & Learning

I'm all about mentoring, with colleagues and graduate students. (That's me in the top left photo, giving what I hope was some sage advice.)

Here's a list of the service I've been doing over the years.

Service to the profession

Member, Columbia University Seminar on Eighteenth-Century European Culture

MLA Job Mentor, Spring 2018-Present

NeMLA Job Clinic Mentor, Spring 2018-2019


· FIG Leader, “Getting Published” (winter 2021) (FIG Academic Commons Site)

· English Department Bylaws Ad Hoc Committee (fall 2020-present)

· Departmental Web Liaison, beginning fall 2021

· HURFS Mentor, 2018-present

· Departmental Committee for Online Teaching Certification (spring 2020-present)

· Online Certification: Helping Bring the Classroom to the Screen, WGU-CUNY Professional Development (summer 2020)

· Professional Development Workshop Leader: Using Youtube for Online Teaching (spring 2020)

· Semiotics of Online Teaching Workshop with Mike Mena Participant (spring 2020)

· CUNY SPS Online Teaching Certification (summer 2019)

· Literature Committee (spring 2019-present)

· English Department Curriculum Committee (fall 2017-present)

· Immigration Working Group (fall 2017-present)

· Curriculum Review Committee Member (fall 2016-fall 2018; fall 2019-present)

· FIG: Culturally Relevant Teaching (fall 2017)

· Safe Zone Panelist, spring 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

· Provost’s Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure (2016-2017)

· KCC Chapter, Executive Committee Union Delegate (fall 2013-fall 2017)

· FIG: “Women’s Studies Faculty Interest Group” (spring 2013)

· FIG: Strategies for Success with ESL Students Across the Curriculum (spring 2012)

· Pilot Cohort Participant, English 92 (fall 2011)

· Review Committee for Reclassification (spring 2011)

· Safe Zone Ally Certification (fall 2010)

· Developmental English Cohort Leader (fall 2006-fall 2010)

· Editing of Department Workbook, “English W Toolbox: Helping Students Pass the CUNY Writing Exam” (summer 2008 and winter 2010)

· WAC Certification (summer 2009)

· Editing of Department Workbook, “English R Toolbox: Helping Students Pass the CUNY Reading Exam” (fall 2008)

· Tenure and Promotion Task Force (fall 2007-spring 2008)

· English R Workshop Co-Leader (summer 2008)

· English W Workshop Co-Leader (summer 2007)

· Women’s Studies College Committee (fall 2004-2008)

· Women’s Studies Student Club Faculty Advisor (spring 2005-spring 2008)

· English 93 Practicum in Teaching Co-Facilitator (fall 2007)

· Liberal Arts Advisor (fall 2006-2007)

· Liberal Arts College Committee (spring 2007-present)

· Chair, Literature Committee (spring 2003-winter 2006)

· Computer Committee (fall 2005-spring 2007)

· New Course Creation, English 82: Gay and Lesbian Literature (now Sexuality and Literature) (fall 2005)

· KCC Association (fall 2004-fall 2005)

· KCC Orientation Presenter (2005)